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Order Form: Need Of The Hour

Namrataa Mahalley

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"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. "

- Buddha


A vital tool that most of us are not using. Let’s get to know more about how to create a simple order form to enhance the efficiency of a business. 


The use of order forms has attained a mainstream relevance even in small business enterprises. It helps to streamline business operations and also save time in the process. Having an order form is beneficial for both, bakers and their clients. Every baker has their varied range of products and flavours which are hard to remember once you get a random call.




These order forms have many benefits :


Order form benefits | bulb and key


  • Order Form helps you to jot down all the requirements of the client on one page.


  • There are chances that when you receive a random call you might forget about picking up details. An order form has everything listed hence skipping on something is a rare chance.


  • Order form has the signature of the customer along with terms and conditions of the bakers to which they agree. Once signed it becomes binding on the client to adhere to them. The T&C could be about charges, delivery, timing, advance, etc.


  • The Order form is easy to fill and helps save time while the order is in progress. You don’t have to go back looking in your chats about the details mentioned by the client.


  • Order forms help bakers to keep a track of their business profits and inventories too. You can always go back to your forms to cross check about the payments and inventory used, incase anything is short.


  • It also helps to keep a track of all the customer details which acts like a database. This data is always useful for bakers as they can touch base with their clients prior to the events and plan in advance for their events. (birthdays or anniversaries).




What should an Order Form Contain?

 What should an Order Form Contain | bub and key


An order form should precisely have the following heads – 


  •         Name of the Client who’s placing the order


  •         Contact and Alternate Contact Number


  •         Mail ID


  •         Address (Irrespective whether the client needs a home delivery or not.)


  •         Cake ( Design, Weight, Flavour, Specific changes in design, Any Allergies)


  •         Message on the cake


  •         Date and Time of Delivery


  •         Candles/Knife/Balloons if required


  •         Customization and Delivery Charges


  •         A section asking from where did they hear about your brand ( To check if your           

                   social media promotions are reaching out or no)


  •         Payment mode ( If transferred in full or part through e wallet or bank transfer or

                   any other mode)


  •         In case the baker has any helper who is also responsible for taking orders, it’s a

                   must that the form should have a “ office use section “ mentioning who has taken


                   the order and at what time and date.


  •         The order form must have a T&C section mentioning the rules of the bake house

                   (Cancellation, advance, alteration in order, additional charges, delivery charges and


                    rates, appointment rules for big orders and tasting sessions etc.)




This would complete your order form, giving you a very clear picture about your business. In a similar way you can also create an online form for your business page and website.


If you love forms as much as I do then share your form samples with us. We will read all the submitted cases and reach out to the selected ones to be shared on our BULB AND KEY PLATFORM.


Looking forward to see your samples. Until then. Dasvidaniya!




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