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"Never, never, never give up. "

- Winston Churchill


“Never compromise on the quality and price of your products” – Sneha Ghume


Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off. Home baker Sneha Ghume believes that if we give the best quality product and have complete faith in it, then we need not worry about our competitors. Sneha is the baker behind the successful venture Sneha’s Cakes and Classes. This talented yet humble baker initially learned baking from her friend who used to take classes, after which she directly started taking orders. 


Before she got into baking full time, Sneha used to work at a company and also ran a ladies’ apparel boutique. But as she was always interested in art and baking, she decided to turn to home baking. She remembers the first cake that she baked was for a friend which turned out to be quite good. Gradually, more and more orders started trickling in. 



Her favorite cake to bake is the chocolate ganache cake. For Sneha, the most challenging cakes are the whipped cream cakes as they require careful and proper finishing. There is a lot of fine, detailed work involved and this is something that she wants to learn in the future. 



As for her experience working with Bulb and Key, she says, “It has been quite a pleasant experience and I got a lot of orders after I joined Bulb and Key. There were a few misunderstandings that had occurred at one point, but their team solved these issues promptly. They are very helpful and efficient.” 



This motivated and ambitious baker wants to learn all aspects of baking in the next five years and is inspired by the beautiful creations of the top bakers in the industry. She hopes to be like them one day and do something different in her work that will be unique to her. 



In this highly competitive industry where home bakers are competing with commercial, well-established bakeries, Sneha advises that holding on to the value of your product is extremely important. She says, “Considering the time it takes to bake each cake and the quality of ingredients that are being used, it is really essential to price your cakes accordingly.


Never compromise on the price of the cake but also make sure that you are using high quality, fresh ingredients so that the price is justified. There are a lot of home bakers coming up everyday and hence the competition and comparison of prices has increased. Most of the new, budding bakers only think about how to get more customers and not about the price that they are setting. This is important to think about.”



Sneha rightly points out that the main difference between home bakers and the big, commercial bakeries is that home bakers make everything from scratch and bake fresh cakes daily, whereas these commercial bakeries are able to come out with a large number of cakes every day because everything is pre-made and they have an entire factory and production team behind them. Most of the consumers are unaware of this fact and hence unfairly compare prices- but this is slowly changing thanks to social media and home-baker events taking place regularly in the country. 



Knowing your product’s worth coupled with tons of practice and continuous learning will eventually take your business to greater heights. – Sneha Ghume


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